Our staff members were very active as venue DJs at a sporting event held in July 2021.

 At the sport event held in July 2021, our staff members Daisuke Kikyo and Ayumi Ohno made a tremendous job as a DJ at the site.

They both have been selected in the past as a DJ at the site at FIVB World Cup Volleyball, Volleyball Nations League, Judo World Championship, Men’s Pro Basketball League and B League.
They also joined the FIVB Sport Presentation Workshop Thailand 2019 held in April 2019 at Thailand and experienced the world level sound presentation by the world top DJ’s.
And this time Daisuke Kikyo and Ayumi Ohno were selected as the DJ at the site out of the various performers from the world.

They both enjoyed the exciting 17 days.

“We want to be an energy for the players!”
“We want to transfer the excited feeling of the people watching the TV to the players together with our music!!”
“We want the people who cannot come to the site feel the real joy of the play through TV”

It was really a very precious experience for them who got the real time reaction through social media and felt the excellent motivation.
They received the interview by Washington Post and Nippon Television.
It was really a “ Mission Complete” for them as a member of our team at such big event held in Japan.

DJ Daisuke Kikyo
DJ Ayumi Ohno